The end of June is the time for the Chicago Food Truck Summer Festival. One of the largest industrial cities in the US greets food truck vendors and lovers of delicious meals from all over the country and maybe the whole world. The festival is bright and colorful. Lots of fests are being canceled or rescheduled in 2020, but the Chicago municipality confirmed that the event will take place, and you are welcome to participate and enjoy it.

Why Chicago?

It is hard to find a person who would not hear about Chicago. This large American city is famous for the car industry, machinery, business centers, and skyscrapers. Every year, the city holds breathtaking trade shows, exhibitions, and festivals.

But have you ever thought of this city as a center of the food industry? Based on the results of the Time Out Index survey, covering 34,000 people in different parts of the world, Chicago is capital of foods and drinks. There are plenty of restaurants, and street food culture is well-developed and popular.

Lots of food trucks, trailers, other types of mobile restaurants offer sea delicacies, pizza, bbq, burgers, pancakes. You can find seasonal soups, salads, meat meals, and absolutely wonderful desserts here.

Knowing Chicago as a center of shows and exhibitions, it is no wonder that it is a place where food truck festivals are so popular.

Food truck festivals in Chicago

So, every year, Chicago hosts 4 food truck festivals. All are different and carry flavors of seasonal features, joy, and a great mood.

These are the events:

  • Chicago Food Truck Fest takes place in April;
  • Chicago Food Truck Summer Festival is held at the end of June;
  • July Chicago Food Truck at Wrigley Field;
  • Chicago Food Truck Fall Festival. This event waits for guests in the middle of September.

Chicago Food Truck Summer Festival

One of the most popular and well-known events is the Chicago Food Truck Summer festival. In 2020, it will take place on the 21st and 22nd of June. Many fests all over the world have been canceled, but the organizers of the festival in Illinois took safety measures and keep on working on arrangements.

It is planned that over 50 mobile restaurants will participate in the event. They will offer dishes from literally every nation. Indian, Korean, Mexican, Italian, American, Japanese, Korean food will be served from trailers to over 55,000 foodies. There will be a possibility to order food delivery as well.

It is expected that within the Chicago Food Truck Festival corporate and private events will be organized. Special competitions, contests, music, games will make you feel happy and childish. Don’t miss souvenirs as well. And if you a food truck owner who will participate in the event, share your emotions and feedback with Futuristo!