Is there Oktoberfest in 2020?

Traditionally, in September-October Germany celebrates Oktoberfest – food trucks for bbq checken and beer, so popular in other events, are not welcome here. In 2020, the annual festival celebrates the 210th Anniversary.
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Street food

European street food festival

The European street food festival will take place in September in Austria. The event is organized as a tour around different locations in Austria. Here you can taste national and exotic meals from all over the world.
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Trek food truck festival 2020

Trek food truck festival

Trek Food Truck Festival is one of the brightest mobile restaurants’ events. Caravans, food trucks, trailers, and carts – in the middle of July you will see a colorful feast and will be able to taste the best street food.
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Chicafo food truck festival

Chicago Food Truck Festival

The end of June is the time for the Chicago Food Truck Summer Festival. One of the largest industrial cities in the US greets food truck vendors and lovers of delicious meals from all over the country and maybe the
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Brusseles food truck festival

Brussels Food Truck Festival is the largest food truck event in Europe and probably in the whole world. Every year the old beautiful city becomes a center of tasty European, American, Mexican, Asian cuisine. Owners of food trucks in Belgium,
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Last Exit food truck park - fun and food

Food trucks in Last Exit

There are plenty of places in the world where you can operate your food trailer. Today we would like to introduce you to the Last Exit food truck and play area. Perhaps it is the only place on Earth where
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