Brussels Food Truck Festival is the largest food truck event in Europe and probably in the whole world. Every year the old beautiful city becomes a center of tasty European, American, Mexican, Asian cuisine. Owners of food trucks in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, and other countries are welcomed in this event.

Brussels Food Truck Festival

Brussels is known for its beautiful parks, architecture, and sculptures. Every year this city holds many festivals, and one of the brightest is the Iris Festival. The 3-day fest takes place in May – the dates vary from year to year. It includes all kinds of concerts, performances, and, of course, the Brussels food truck festival.

Up to one hundred mobile kitchens come from different places in Europe to this fest. Owners of food trucks in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, other countries offer thousands of visitors various meals. They service specialties of French, Portuguese, Belgium, Thai, Tibetian, Mexican cuisine.

These are just a few samples which definitely will make you long for visiting the Brussels Food Truck Festival:

  • Nata&You offers you traditional Portuguese sweet egg tarts, coffee, cocktails, and desserts.
  • Urban Cook sells fresh delicious hamburgers one can’t miss.
  • El Taco Mobil offers authentic Mexican corn tortillas with meat. There is also a vegetarian option.
  • Chang Noi Thai Truck offers traditional Thai cuisine.

The fest’s atmosphere is full of fun, excitement and incredible flavors. Buy a food truck and don’t miss it!

And, of course, there are competitions. Best quality food, Burger Cooking Award, Latino Cooking Award, Dessert Cooking Award, and many others. To be the winner order a trailer from Futuristo, make up a menu, and be the best.

The 2020 festival

2020 is an especial year, and there will be no single person in the world who will forget it. It is the first year in its 7-year history when Brussels will not meet the Iris Festival in May.

The whole event as well as the Brussels Food Truck Festival will be postponed till September. The dates are already confirmed – September 25-27. So, open your calendar and book the dates. The event promises to be interesting and exciting!

Come with your food truck or you do not have one yet, call Futuristo and ask us how to order one.